Sketch Compéta! with Sally Hirst
Saturday 31/3 at 11:00 -14:00 Starting at Galeria Centro

€15 including a sketching pack

max 15 participants
To book:

The best souvenirs are not always the things you buy or the photos you take while on vacation, but can be drawings you create in a sketchbook. Sketching allows the artist to slow down enough to get acquainted with surroundings that are so often overlooked. Whilst sketching in public can be a daunting experience for the self-conscious sketcher, with Sally Hirst as your guide, and the beauty of Compéta as your subject you will be surprised how rewarding it can be. The workshop will start at Galeria Centro to discuss materials, styles, and techniques that are best suited for travel sketching. Then Sally will take the group into the town to discover viewpoints and subjects to draw. The final part of the workshop will be returning to Galeria Centro to evaluate and discuss. Each participant will be given a sketching set to keep.....and hopefully continue to use!