“From the furthest corners of the world” 

Sunday 21 April, 2.30pm-4.00pm

Salon de Actos 2

For many, many millennia, our ancestors cultivated a tradition of sharing stories, legends, tales, important for their people, culture and history. They have gathered around the grandfather fire and told tales, so that the teachings and memories would survive for generations to come. This way stories were shared then, and nowadays we’re reconnecting with this tradition again. We love hearing good stories. Tales, that reflect like mirrors onto us, tales that inspire our hearts to start beating faster.

We invite you for an afternoon of storytelling accompanied by live music.

Soup with bread for €6pp for the ones who like to combine lunch with listening to the story telling.

For reservations:

Guides: Magda Fertacz and Lukasz WIeczorek (EL Coyotee MEDicina)

Language: English

Unity Meditation

“One place, One mind, One heart” 

Saturday 20 April, 10.00am-11.30am

Plaza behind Salon de Actos

Every single one of us carries a magnificent potential and incredible gifts that can be shared with the world. In a beautiful way, each of us is unique and at the same time we’re all one and united. The sum of us all, we are able to create with immense power. We invite you to journey together into Oneness and Unity of Hearts. We use the method of Carlos Castaneda’s, it's called ‘Magical Passes -Tensegrity’. In our mountain village Cómpeta people connect with many different cultures, believes and traditions. In this medidation, let's connect with our hearts and send our intentions of Oneness & Unity into the Universe.

Language: English

Guides: Magda Fertacz and Lukasz WIeczorek (EL Coyotee MEDicina)


“Whenever the dancer stands, is Holy Ground”

Martha Graham

Monday 22 April, 4.00pm-6.00pm

Hotel Balcon de Competa downstairs 

One of our desires as humans is the ability to fly. We always look at the birds and wish we could just lift ourselves and disappear into the vast of the sky... and then we started to move, move our bodies and slowly we have discovered dancing. Dancing helped us to feel warm in the winter, dancing made us forget, dancing helped us to create, to connect with oneness. To vibrate in the way your body needs and directs you creates the sacred space around and inside you, thus you begin to fly. I invite you to the flight of your life, to the dance which you will create, to the movements you do from inside, to the FreeDance. There are no wrong moves in the dance, there are no right ones, they are the movements your soul wants to dance. Surrounded by the depth of music, you will have a chance to live. Are you ready for the lift off?

Entrance fee: €10

What to wear: comfortable clothes for the dancing

Competa Bookings:

Guide: Lucas from ELCoyteeMedicina

La Bokita Verde

Calle Rueda, 6

Open for the Art Walk 20-24 April 2019 
La Bokita Verde Catering service Pop-up Restaurant & Take Away 

Serving Healthy vegetarian-vegan food, from all over the World. 

100% Natural Juices. Also open with lunchtime. 

Reservations 0034 643 646 635 Carmelita 

Live music Saturday at 12.00pm and 5.00pm by El Rubio (Flamenco guitar)

Vegan food stall: Meson Mudejar Vegan

Saturday 20 April, 10.00am-2.00pm

Behind the town hall
Meson Mudejar will have cakes, cupcakes, banana bread, buckwheat bread,

salads, wraps

Meson Mudejar is located a couple of kilometres below Canillas de Albaida in the

quaint and authentic small white village of Archez. David and Kinga prepare handmade, international varieties of delicious plant-based dishes. Meson Mudejar also features theme nights like Friday's Curry Nights when local musicians offer entertainment and there's a special curry menu at €15 for a three-course meal. All sauces are hand designed, all plant-based, all very tasty and healthy. And the ambience is magic and rustic and real. Imagine yourself entering a gypsy cave, a rustic and authentic Moroccan mountain village home, half restaurant, half B&B.

Our rooms are 49euro per night, for bookings see our website

Street theatre 

Saturday 20 April, Sunday 21 April, Tuesday 23 April,

Wednesday 24 April

Every day 11.00am-2.00pm & 4.00pm-7.00pm

This year the Art Walk welcomes 4 students, Jasmijn van Meurs, Teddie Kessler, Maggie Thedinga and Isai Bros, of the Arnhem theatre school in the Netherlands. On different locations these 'Art-walkers' will fill the streets with playful and interactive theatre. In a playful way they will let you experience the city as you never knew it. 

They will ‘move’ as 'Art-Walkers' in the streets of Cómpeta, submerging the village in creative vibes. Let yourself be carried away by positive energy and be open to new encounters!