Lieuwke Loth


Besides being active as a sculptor and painter I dedicate my energy to the organisation of art events such as the International Art Symposia and Cómpeta Art Walk, and now also starting up a spiritual event in the natural park. 


5.5 years ago I came to Cómpeta and 5 years ago I started the art galley 'Luz de la Vida'. At the time I was trying to find my way as an artist and eager to take part in the Cómpeta Art Walk. To my disappointment the organisers stopped organising the event, which I considered a pity and a loss for the community. So I decided to try and organise the 6th edition myself. It turned out successfully and I have been organising it ever since. 


As the Art Walk grew, so did the amount of work and I have been fortunate to get volunteers supporting me for the previous as well as this year's edition. To me the organisation of the Art Walk is like a creative process, where I aim to get an optimal mix of all the various ingredients resulting in a memorable experience for visitors, participants and sponsors.

I love to see how the Art Walk both interconnects and inspires art loving people. 

I am organising the Art Walk for the 6th time with the help of a number of volunteers.


I hope that you will have a good time in Cómpeta and enjoy the Art Walk!

MItch France

Design, Artwork, Website & Music

I first got involved with the Competa Art Walk 10 years ago at the very beginning, just for one year, helping out with graphic design work and I also exhibited my "Paintographs".

In October of 2016 I started painting in acrylics and oils and decided to take part in the 2017 and 2018 Art Walks. And what a fabulous experience they were, meeting other artists, talking to visitors, playing music and actually selling lots of work, the village really was "buzzing".

So here we are again, helping out the with graphic design, artwork, website and organising the live music.

Here's to another successful Competa Art Walk in 2019!

Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel

Marketing/online promotion/press/German translation

I got into contact with Art Walk Cómpeta the first time in 2017 as a visitor. I at once fell in love with the beautiful village and the diversity and quality of the art that was on show and was impressed by the fantastic organisation of this walk.

As being an artist myself I enjoyed very much to talk with the artists. As a visitor to Andalusia I loved the experience of having a guide that would guide me through the village in an unusual way, being able to enter into places and houses I normally would never have seen, and to connect with so many people. No greater way to explore a village! I wrote a post about the Art Walk on my webpage and so I got into contact with Lieuwke. Last year I was exhibiting and with much pleasure supporting the team. I am glad to be on board again. I am responsible for a lot of marketing activities and especially Facebook and Instagram posts and promotion.

Tony Fletcher

Sponsor team/English translation

A long term visitor to Cómpeta since 2001 and an enthusiastic supporter 
of this unique village. 
The Art Walk has become integral to the villages annual calendar and 
adds even more colour and interest 
to what is already one of the most vibrant villages in the region
This year I happy again to be able to assist in some of the
background activities and give my support to the Art Walk team in what 
is a fantastic annual event!

Frank Kater

Sponsor team

One of the things I like about living in Competa is the wide range of activities that is offered in this village. Enjoying them as a consumer is nice, but getting involved is not only essential for their continuation but also very rewarding. So, I happily joined the team of volunteers supporting Lieuwke Loth with the organisation of the Art Walk. A career in the financial industry may not seem to provide the ideal background for this role, but my interest in creative processes  may be of some use.

Anna Konig

Spanish translation/communication with Spanish community/sponsor team

I had the pleasure of participating in the first Art Walk routes with my glass/ Tiffany works. Over the years and thanks to the initiative of several people, the idea of then has become an important cultural event. I love seeing this positive evolution and being able to take part in this organisation.

Volunteers for 2019

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