Call for Artists

Artists who would like to apply to take part in the next edition of the Art Walk, please send an email to

We'll send you an email as soon as the next Art Walk is being organised. 

The Competa Art Walk Policy provides the opportunity for local artists to participate every year.

“Guest Artists”; those that do not live in Competa or the immediate surrounding area, are selected every year in order to provide visitors with a varied and changing experience of artistic styles. In doing it also provides for a greater number of artists to participate and allows for the event to develop connections with a variety of national and international artists.

By having this policy we hope to maintain an interesting and varied artistic event.


Artists sometimes do participate more often than this but we prefer not to allow this to occur 

more than once in two years, unless they are able to offer something very special to the event

(workshops, sculpture or installation art). Alternatively they may have a very close connection with the village of Competa.